Agent Amanda Alexander | Representing you every step of the way

Whether you are looking for your first family home or your next dream home, Amanda Alexander will work with you throughout the process. She'll focus on the details so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Let Amanda be Your Buyer's Representative

Buying a home can be an exciting and nerve racking experience. Finding just the right home you can truly make your own can be the start of a new chapter in your life. Amanda Alexander understands that your dreams are big, but your time and budget is limited. Her objective is to identify the needs and wants of her clients and work to represent them as she does the shopping for you. In a way, think of Amanda as your personal home shopper! Amanda's goal is to weed through the available options and only show you what fits for your needs and budget. No more home tours where you wonder, "why am I here"? During the entire buying process, from initial meeting to receiving the keys to your new home, Amanda will be at your disposal.

Sell Your Home with Amanda

Sure buying a home may be the biggest investment you ever make but selling your home is where you learn if it was a good or bad investment. Properly pricing and staging your home can mean thousands of dollars. As a seller's agent, Amanda will work with you to develop the full potential of your property and get the most from the sale. She will focus on your objectives that include speed of sale and what you need to get out of your home and compare these to homes sold in your area.

"My representation as a professional real estate agent is providing my clients with knowledge of the process, security in their transaction, honesty about what is really happening throughout the transaction and dedication to make sure they step into their new home or step out of their old home. Listening to my clients is the single most important factor when going through the buying and selling process. I believe listening for the hesitation, needs and wants or the excitement set me apart. Providing step by step direction to keep them moving forward and making the transaction smooth always allows for a joyful ending. As an agent it is easy for us to forget this is a life changing event for the client and not just our job. If I can put myself in the client’s shoes and remember when I went through the process, it makes all the difference." Amanda Alexander, Your Realtor Every Step of The Way!
Amanda Alexander, Realtor

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